Hi! We're Dropping Popcorn, a game and app developer mainly for Android devices.

We enjoy creating apps that help people and making android games that make people smile or help them relieve some boredom in downtime.

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Apps and Games

The following android apps and games are all released and available in Google Play store, and some of them even on Amazon Underground which offers pro apps, for free.

Custom Skin Creator Minecraft

Create custom Minecraft skins without having to be a talented artist. Choose from over a million different combinations with our pre-set templates, and popular skin uploads. Let your imagination run wild just by clicking a button in the app.
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Kung Pow Panda

Massive Update Coming Before the End of the Year!
Drag and release to send the Panda Flying in this wild yet easy to play Android Game. In mid air drag and release again to guide him in another direction. Keep him from falling to low off the screen, or to high and get those monkeys! Do you have what it takes to be the Panda Ninja!
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William Waller

William Waller is an endless an endless jumper game for Android that will keep you filled with frustration and coming back for more to see how high you can get him. What can you score in this wild, and hectic endless runner style game?
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Rescue The Monsters

The classic match 3 style game with cute and cudely box monsters for Android. Match 3 or more as you climb your way up the mountain pass to defeat the monster boss! Action packed super shots when you match more than 3.
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Through The Spikes

Its not easy, and will frustrate you, but the challenge remains. Can you get your little simple white ball through levels avoiding the spikes? How many levels can you pass before you are not able to get Through The Spikes? One of the best and simplest casual Android games on the market. The simplicity allows you to play for a few minutes here and there during downtime.
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Coming Soon

About Dropping Popcorn

The name in itself has a long history of a group of friends thinking of the most rediculous name we could for a made up band we never intended to form. Why not use it for the name of our development company? It has always been a dream and passion to create things that put smiles on peoples faces, entertain people, or is useful to complete certain tasks. We do this not for the fame or glory (we dont really have that to worry about haha!), we do this because we enjoy it, and it puts smiles on thousands of peoples faces. We have just started with doing Android apps and games and plan on moving into iOS and PC soon (hopefully). Scroll down some more and leave us feedback, say hi, or whatever you want. We would love to hear from you.

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